...a biblical expression in the heart of downtown Indy.


We exist to help others to fall in love with Jesus, develop an intimate relationship with God, and learn to listen to his voice for themselves.

Intimacy changes everything...you, me, the city and beyond.


Together, we are learning to LISTEN to who God is, LEAN on each other in biblical community, and to LIVE this love out in neighborhoods, schools and work settings all over the city all through the week.

We strive to be much more than just an hour gathering on Sunday, because the other 167 hours is where life is lived, community is built and the world is loved by a people transformed through a growing intimacy with Jesus Christ.

This is Good News for a Great City and our chance to LIVE is now.

Scatter & Gather


We meet every week in various homes scattered throughout the city and on the fourth Sunday of every month we come together for a gathering in downtown Indy. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.


Thank you!


Support for City Community Church comes from generous giving by people like you. Thank you for your continued support!