1 - Weekend Services

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Worship with us Sundays, 11am at the Central Library.

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The latest perspective shifting Biblical teaching from City Community Church


Who we are

We’re ordinary people with an extraordinary belief that God is doing something amazing in the city of Indianapolis and around the world.

167 - Interact

What we do

We’re more than just an hour on Sunday. Sure you’ll find 1-hour worship gatherings, but all that is geared toward encouraging you to personally draw near to God and interact with the city in the other 167 hours in the week.


Why we do it

The 167 is where life is lived, community is built, and the world is loved by a people transformed through a growing intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Small Groups

We grow in relational proximity with others. Take a risk, join a group. You might just find yourself moving toward God. And each other.


Why reinvent the wheel? Our partners are helping us impact the city and the world every day.







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