As we LISTEN to who God is and LEAN on each other in biblical community, the natural outflow is to LIVE this love out in neighborhoods, schools and work settings all over the city all through the week. That's why we’re much more than just an hour on Sunday. Sure you’ll find our 1-hour gatherings full of space to worship, inspiring moments, perspective-challenging biblical teaching, and environments your kids will love. But all of that is geared toward encouraging you to personally draw near to God and interact with the city of Indianapolis in the other 167 hours in the week.  The 167 is where life is lived, community is built and the world is loved by a people transformed through a growing intimacy with Jesus Christ. This is Good News for a Great City and our chance to LIVE is now.

Here's a few ways to serve or inspire others in the 1 and then LIVE deeper in the 167.