We need each other. It doesn't matter your age, your social status or even your Facebook status, we were created for meaningful relationships with other human beings. We are part of a story and we need opportunities to both hear and tell the stories that are unfolding in our lives. As we LISTEN to God we begin to realize our need to healthily LEAN on one another in biblical community. This LEAN creates a beautiful strength that empowers us to live each chapter of the story in direct relationship with our God and with one another. Some of that will happen naturally but City Groups is our way of helping to create an opportunity for biblical community wherever you are.

If you're needing a low pressure introduction to Christ we offer City Groups called START.

If you're wanting more info about City Com as a church in the city we present NEXT 2x's a year.

And if you're ready to enter into fellowship with others on the journey, there is FOLLOW, a collection of City Groups covering a broad range of topics and interests all over the city.